The Web Studio built for early Stage startups

Grabbag, a B2B Webflow agency by Huck Finch, caters to angel, pre-seed, and seed-stage startups, offering a straightforward approach to crafting websites that elevate your online presence.

Attracting Investors
Raising a round? Dress the part.
Going Pro
Build on a tech stack that can go the distance.
Gaining Traction
Convert early attention into sales and informaton.

Imagine loving your website and your experience building it

Speed, Meet Quality

Launch your fully optimized, feature-rich, and technically impeccable website in just six weeks.

Zero to Launch in 6 weeks

10X What your cousin could make

Avoid the financial gymnastics – our straightforward flat rate packages and hassle-free maintenance plans make budgeting a breeze.

The price is the price

Budget with confidence

No Sticker Shock

Free Up Your Devs

Our CMS is your new best friend, designed to scale and to give you the reins. Update your site, no dev or design sprint required.

Easily update & publish Content

Built on real code, future proof

Grab the Attention of Customers & Investors

What if your website helped your startup to:
Stand out in a crowded market
Clearly communicate your unique value
Become your customers’ BFF
Stand out in a crowded market

A website that punches above its weight and competes, connects, and communicates with your target audience is just a DM slide away.

Slide into the DMs

A process designed specifically with your startup's success in mind

Our not-so-secret secret sauce

Project prep

Before we start, let's have a quick chat. You'll fill out a website questionnaire to share your goals, target audience, and competitors with us. We'll also give you a clear timeline, so you'll know exactly when to celebrate. It's prep time, and we're getting ready to dive in.

Lock in the Layout

After our deep dive, we'll present a selection of website frameworks designed to enhance your online presence. You'll review these options, choose the one that resonates, and note any adjustments or major changes you want. It's like choosing a new outfit for your website—stylish, quick, and uniquely you.

Style & profile

Once your site layout is set, our designer will start working. They'll skillfully blend your brand into the site, add images, tweak the layout to fit your preferences, and fill it with content that reflects you. Your website will undergo a transformation that investors and customers will love.

Async feedback eliminates bottlenecks

With weekly video walkthroughs and a couple iterations to perfect the logo size, you have the flexibility to review and provide feedback when you have time, seamlessly integrating into your busy schedule.

Develop and launch

In six to eight weeks, your website will be fully designed and launched. Included is a comprehensive style guide to guarantee that your website remains consistent with your brand identity, from Launch Day to Day 100 and beyond.



Once the champagne pop and we've all high-fived until our hands are numb, we’ll sticking around to either babysit your digital baby or hand you the digital keys and teach you how to drive without treating every update like a game of Operation. Either way, you're golden, Pony Boy

Grab your spot & level up your your startup.
Let's Go!

Easy on the pocket and on the eyes

Every Grabbag masterpiece is fully loaded with the techy stuff that'll make your head spin — equipped with built-in analytics, redirects, and marketing tools right from the get-go.


Starting at:

For those looking to enhance their online presence but have a hard deadline for launch

  • Launch a Webflow site via a white glove process
  • First draft copywriting
  • Optimize the site's CMS for your publishing workflow
  • Includes up to 5 hours of customization
  • Incorporate your brand assets, colors, and fonts
  • SEO Essentials
  • Tag Manager setup
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Starting at:

For those looking to establish credibility and to scale their business rapidly

  • Includes everything in the Starter Package
  • Additional design process for each templated page
  • Fully custom feel
  • Up to 15 hours of customization
  • SEO Advanced
  • Integration of a 3rd party platform
  • Support videos
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Figma to Webflow

For those looking to establish credibility and to scale their business rapidly

  • Precise quote based on design and deadline
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Responsive design
  • Analytics and SEO set up
  • Integration of 3rd party platforms
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Built for early-stage startups
Built for early-stage startups